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Mosquito Repellent

Learn more about why our company recommends Sprinkler Magician® and how you can automate your pest treatment cycle.


Using Your Sprinkler System to Eliminate Pests

Rainmaker Irrigation & Landscaping Inc.® is a specialist in proprietary pest control, we make use of your current irrigation facility to repel and kill biting insects within commercial and residential properties. Our 100% Natural system helps eliminate any kind of pests including mosquitoes wherever they hide. We use Mosquito Magician’s advanced organic concentrate system which has been proven to be very safe for your pets, families and environment. This same formula can also repel many other pests such as deer, fire ants, palmetto bugs and ticks just to name a few.

How Does it Work?

The Mosquito Magician® system is hooked to your current sprinkler system, which then disperse the organic concentrate at appropriate intervals across your yard automatically.  Our formula is laboratory tested and proven to be extremely effective at both killing and repelling mosquitoes in all stages and many other pests. The concentrate is injected into the water stream by a high-pressure pump, letting it spread evenly on your lawn and plants. This can be set up to run on demand or preset schedules each week. The formula is 100% natural & green and helps with the control of the Zika Virus.

Fertilizing Your Garden

Mosquito Magician® systems can also dispense liquid fertilizer to your lawns and gardens. This is one of the best ways to fertilize because it gives you a complete coverage. It has been proven that liquid fertilizer is both environmentally friendly and more effective than other methods of fertilizing saving both time and money.

Deer Repellent

The Mosquito Magician® system is also great for repelling deer. Helping to keep your lawn and garden flush with vegetation with our easy to use system. Set it and forget it! The natural ingredients that make up the concentrate are 100% proven to keep the deer off of your property. Not to worry though, it is not harmful to the deer, or your lawn.